RoseAnna Alvarez
RoseAnna is the Corporate Administrative Manager and Safety Director, handling invoicing, permitting, day to day bookkeeping, human resources, safety and overseeing payroll and purchasing. She also oversee's system and procedure development for human resources and office positions.

A1 Builder Investments Inc. offers a complete comprehensive range of construction services allowing the client to work exclusively with the company from initiation to completion of most projects. Some of the services A1 Builder Investments offers are:



Roofing TPO membrane, metal, all types of Shingle roofing.

Finish work (flooring, carpentry, etc.)

Subcontractor assessment and evaluation

New home builds

Planning and Permits

Remodeling and Alterations

Concrete Work 

A1 Builder Investments began in 2010 when Mr. Alma Olsen started his own company as a framing contractor. Over time he was able to expand his business through investments from private investors and through joint venture partnerships with local contractors.  In 2011 Mr. Olsen obtained his general contractors license which has allowed him to expand into full residential building projects. In 2014 Mr. Olsen started Elko Roofing to provide roofing services to the local Northern Nevada area and to provide additional cash flow into the company. Since starting Elko Roofing has become the 2nd largest roofing company in north-central and eastern Nevada and is projected to be the largest by the end of 2016.

​Alma Olsen
Alma is the company CEO and General Project Manager. Providing strategic direction for the company as well as coordinating all project management and concentrating on cost controls, suppliers, managing foremen, labor relations etc.